Vektorschwein - the DSP-trace-tool


[nv] 1. coords-triple (* mandatory)
[nv] 2. coords-triple (* mandatory)
[nv] 3. coords-triple (* optional)
[nv] 4. coords-triple (* optional)
[nv] 5. coords-triple (* optional)
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delta (bigger delta => more results - but less accurate: choose smt. between 0 and 0.4)
step (smaller step =>more accurate & shorter distance: choose smt. around 0.01)
iterations (more iterations =>more accurate & longer distance - be careful too high numbers will freeze your browser - choose smt. between 1000 - 100000)
randomizer (will add random values to the vector in a magnitude according to the rounding error - in percent (1-100%) (100%=max. rounding error) negative to deactivate)
max. distance:
possible targets:

copy a coord-triple from your dsp from a moving fleet. wait some time (longer is normally better) and copy another coord-triple.
copy them into the calculator in temporal order (first in time should be first)
then try to calculate. if there are too many results lower the delta. if there are none try to raise it.
if you have more than 2 set of coords (which is recommended): paste them into the optional coords fields
the calculator will calculate a target based on the average vector and all permutations between different sets of coords. it a coord will appear more than once, then it is likely that's the real target.